Roll20 Virtual Tabletop, Origins, and Gen Con


My gaming group has gone into a year of transition.  every group has them.  Players move away, work changes, have kids, generally life gets inthe way.  this year one player moved to a new city to start a new job, another is just too busy with life and work to get to a table.  another member moved a couple of years ago but we had kept in touch and usually hung out together at Gen Con each year.  so our issues were two fold either the player lived too far away now or home life was too hard to get away to go game somewhere.  I researched all the major virtual table tops.  I tried roll20 last is I knew it was free to play for the most part.  My thinking being that free to play meant less capabilities.  turns out I was very wrong.  Roll20 offers just about everything other table tops offer and they are constantly trying to make things better.  I will admit as a DM I upgraded to a monthly fee account due to the larger storage space.  My group has been playing for a month and a half playing DnD Next play test with old 1st edition Modules that I have converted to 5th edition.  they have done “village of Hommlet” and are currently in “Temple of Elemental Evil”  they are mid mid way through 6th level and are having a great time.  we game once a week as our schedules allow and around 8m so those with little kids have them in bed.  no drive time, is a great plus.  I find that the table top tend to keep the attention of my player far more than when we were at an actual table.  they accomplish more in the 3hrs we play than when we played for 5hrs at a table. Don’t get me wrong I also try to game locally with some that group as well.  I love rolling dice at a table and seeing the expressions of their faces as they role play situations is great as well.  I also gained a player who now plays in both groups.  My oldest son has joined the ranks.  It makes me proud that he and I can share this together.  My younger son is also chomping at the bit to play as well bt he is still abit young.  I took them to the Origins convention in Columbus, Ohio last year and hope to be able to again this year.  next year I play on taking my Eldest son to Gencon with me.  I have been to Gen Con nearly every year it has been held in Indianapolis Indiana.  though last year I attended both for the first time in about 6 years.  I was very surprised ad glad to see Origins had gone back to its roots.  years ago Origins was mostly driven by players and DMs form everywhere running events for other gamers. it was about they players.  then the bad years came when major corporations had control and became less about the players and more about the products they were pushing.  Now with the major corporations not doing anything official and generally not releasig new product at Origins it has once again found it calling.  If I were goning to only one  convention I would seriously consider Origins if all I wnated to was to play the games I love.  Gen Con has its Glitz and Glammer and all the latest and greatest new releases, but if I truely cared solely about just gaming the games I love I would go to Origins  and save a bunch of money in the process.


Gen Con Extends Partnership with Sun King Brewing


We’ve been Drinking and playing RPG’s fro several years now at Gen Con its about time they caught up!!

Graphic Policy

gen-con-logo Gen Con , North America’s largest and longest-running gaming convention, and Sun King Brewing , an award-winning Indianapolis-based brewery, have announced an agreement to extend their partnership through 2014. As part of this agreement, Sun King will become a Promotional Sponsor of Gen Con 2014, create and sell the Official Beer for the convention, hold an Official Beer Tapping Party on August 13, and operate an Official Gen Con Beer Garden on Georgia St., outside the Indiana Convention Center. Fans once again will select the name of the 2014 beer, prior to the convention. In past years, fan-named beers have included Ale of Destiny (2012) and Flagon Slayer (2013).

“Since our first partnership with Sun King Brewing in 2012, they have demonstrated tremendous passion, expertise, and support for our convention,” said Gen Con Vice President Scott Elliott. “In 2013, Gen Con’s attendees came to Indianapolis from all 50 states and…

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Gen Con Announces 2014 Industry Insider Guests of Honor [Gen Con 2014]


they sound ecellent

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Gen Con Art 2014

Gen Con has just announced their Industry Insider Guests of Honor for their 2014 convention. The guests all have extensive expertise and knowledge in the gaming industry and all bring plenty of years of experience in the field. Together these Insider Guests will be hosting panels, seminars, and more during Gen Con this year.

Here’s the full list:

Keith Baker
Lillian Cohen-Moore
James Ernest
Bruno Faidutte
Matt ForbeckIIGoH Advisory Panel
Andrew Hackard
Shane Hensley
Kenneth HiteIIGoH Advisory Panel
Jon Hodgson
Steve Kenson
Eric LangIIGoH Advisory Panel
Nicole LindroosIIGoH Advisory Panel
Jay Little
Jeff Martin
Luke Peterschmidt
David Preti
Mike Selinker
Jennifer Shahade
Greg Stafford
Elisa Teague
Richard Thomas
Allen Varney
Jordan Weisman
Ray Winninger

It’s quite an awesome…

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Gen Con


Are you planning to go to Gen Con?  If so What events will you be trying to get as game registration opens in about 10 hours.  My friends and I are trying for Spycraft, Starship troopers RPG (We had a great time with it last year). Iron Kindoms and maybe some fillers.  We mostly play RPGs that we don’t get to play in our regular gaming group.  We try mini games (usually Demos as we don’t take things too seriously down there.  after all its supose to be fun).  So tell me what you are planning to do a Gen Con this year.

Jill’s Art work



Angus MacFurious by Jill Allport