Gen Con Announces 2014 Industry Insider Guests of Honor [Gen Con 2014]


they sound ecellent

Initiative : Tabletop

Gen Con Art 2014

Gen Con has just announced their Industry Insider Guests of Honor for their 2014 convention. The guests all have extensive expertise and knowledge in the gaming industry and all bring plenty of years of experience in the field. Together these Insider Guests will be hosting panels, seminars, and more during Gen Con this year.

Here’s the full list:

Keith Baker
Lillian Cohen-Moore
James Ernest
Bruno Faidutte
Matt ForbeckIIGoH Advisory Panel
Andrew Hackard
Shane Hensley
Kenneth HiteIIGoH Advisory Panel
Jon Hodgson
Steve Kenson
Eric LangIIGoH Advisory Panel
Nicole LindroosIIGoH Advisory Panel
Jay Little
Jeff Martin
Luke Peterschmidt
David Preti
Mike Selinker
Jennifer Shahade
Greg Stafford
Elisa Teague
Richard Thomas
Allen Varney
Jordan Weisman
Ray Winninger

It’s quite an awesome…

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